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The electronic case includes GPS, WiFi, digital compass and 2D inclinometer. Pressure, temperature and humidity measurements are included. Wireless modem and/or satellite connections are available.
  The main characteristics for the PA5 SODAR are:  

- antenna weight: 120 Kg
- antenna dimensions 170 cm(L) x 170 cm(W) x 40 cm(H)
- electronic case weight: 3 .1Kg
- electronic case 
20 cm(L) x 20 cm(W) x 20 cm(H)
- PA5 total weight 200 kg (antenna, electronic case and support)
- central frequency 1 Khz
- operating frequencies Up to 9 emitted frequencies on each of two coplanar beams
- acoustic power 60 W
- operating conditions -40°C to +80°c with up to 100% relative humidity
- CPU and RAM memory: Atom®, 1 Gbytes
- power consumption: 3.5A @ 24 VDC (84 W)
- operating system: Linux
- average altitude range: 3,000m (40dBA, 15°C air temperature, 70 % Relative Humidity)
- minimum altitude: 100 m

For local remote control a powerful netbook is supplied. It interconnects with the Sodar through WiFi at a distance of up to a one hundred meters.