REMTECH : world leader in acoustic wind profiling


REMTECH was started in 1982. It quickly became the number 1 company for sodars  (acoustic wind profilers) and remains so. The only reason is constant innovation leading to smaller, more efficient and fully reliable instruments. REMTECH was the first company to :

- use digital hardware (1982) for generating any kind of emitted signals.

- process FFT’s (Fast Fourier Transforms) by software only. No dedicated inflexible and expensive hardware.

- use multifrequency coding techniques. First trials in 1982 with 2 frequencies and now up to 15 frequencies on each of the two symetrical tilted beams in the same vertical plane and this for one pulse (US Patent N° 5,521,883).

- introduce real flat phase array antennas (1990) and is still the only company capable of that. No need for cumbersome and heavy acoustic screens.

- introduce long range Sodars (1996) which are a cost efficient alternative to Radar and Lidar wind profilers.

- introduce very unique signal processing techniques such as noise subtraction in the Fourier domain, “apparent” angle of arrival, phase gradient versus frequency, which are equivalent to a dramatic emission power increase.

This allows us to introduce our PA-XS sodar which weighs only 7.3 Kg (16 pounds) and reaches an altitude range which is higher than the other systems with sodars weighing over 450 Kg ! (1000 pounds).

REMTECH now has delivered more than 500 systems in more than 50 different countries.